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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Tube

Finally a little El Zonte tube of me caught on photo by Vaquero.

El Zonte tube - June 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'll update soon...

For now this is just a glimpse into my life and my recent surf-safari...
I just returned to El Salvador from Nicaragua...

Getting a little cover up...

Check out my other page for more info.

Stay tuned,


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ready... Steady... Gooooo!

(without words)

Tonight at 3am we're going to start into a new adventure - two years in El Salvador!
We will keep you updated soon!

For now,

Sebastian & Nadine

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back for Good

Me aka "the whitie" waiting for my first heat at the Senegales Championships

It has been a long, long, long time since my last post.
First and most important: I'm still alive! Still smiling, travelling, surfing and trying to live life to the fullest!

Second and important to say, I haven't been lazy. I often get email where people ask me: "Did you quit your studies?" or "Don't you have to work?"

Hell no,
I didn't quit my studies, but finished them in November...


Hell yeah,
of course I have to work, but while surfing I try to live a basic life, cause one doesn't need much when you have the ocean, right?

And to those who ask themselves, if I stopped my surf safari...

N E V E R.

This is just the beginning... Soon this page will be full of pics and stories about my most recent trip to Senegal!

Stay tuned,
for now... your "whitie" Sebastian

Friday, July 06, 2007

In Memory Of A True Legend

Richard Taylor

"I like to live life, live for today not tomorrow!" richard taylor

About three years ago on the 4th July 2004 - two days before his birthday - Rich entertained us all with his ultimate "flip-flop-dance" on the first UCON party in Germany... He always knew how to have fun, how to animate people, how to have a good time!
Apart from being a gifted rollerbalder and skier, he was a unique and very special character, always laughing, full of energy and spreading positive vibes wherever he was!
He truly loved life, loved the extremes of life, loved to travel, loved to laugh, simply loved to live life to the full - "live for today and not tomorrow"!

His positive and open-minded spirit has been a great inspiration to me!
He is still greatly missed and will never be forgotten!

R.I.P. Rich

"It's all good, all the time, it can never be bad, peace!" richard taylor

To watch an edit in memroy of Richard by
Mark Trebble, with a song about Rich by Anthony Mackie click here.

To support the RICHARD TAYLOR MEMORIAL FUND click here.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Marocco - Perfect Waves to start 2007

One of my favourite pictures!
Ben droppin into a bomb...
Me just below him paddling to the inside...
and actually getting pounded by the wave seconds later.. :-)

And Hale on the shoulder watchin the show...
The DREAMTEAM alone in the lineup... and charging!

I just returned from my trip to Marocco. Wow! There is a lot to write about and for me this update is probably the best since Indonesia!
A couple of days ago "the family" had its last dinner in Agadir, where we reflected on a trip nobody would have ever imagined to become this perfect.
The last 2 weeks of our trip were just magic! We stayed over a week in Safi, a small city about 200k's south of Casablanca.
Lonely Planet's description: "...Maroccan phosphate idustry (...) huge chemical plant (...) as a result Safi is nearly devoid of any foreign tourists although it is hugely popular with Moroccans..." ;-)

Safi - The old Medina

For us Safi was a quite little town with a beautiful old city and surfingwise probably the highlight of the trip! We found a worldclass righthand reefbreak, offering us about double overhead powerfull waves for super fast long rides, during the whole time we stayed there.
The best thing: We surfed it ALONE!
Reflecting on the trip this seems to be the craziest aspect of it. All over the trip we were all by ourselves in the line-up. Not that we surfed little beachies, we surfed perfect points and reefbreaks just by ourselves - I guess this is every surfer's dream?!

Hale, Ben and me running to the point in Safi when we surfed it the 1st time...
I really love this picture, it captures the emotions of this moment!

Thanks to Hannu, another finish bloke, photographer and our sixth "family" member, who arrived on NYE I can now finally present you some surfing pictures of these great days.

Late drop on a big set...

Andy, one of the 2 Kiwis...
I can remember this wave very well... It was a freakin heavy bomb!
I just paddeled back out and saw him gettin really deep under this thick lip...

Me - cutback

Ben with one of his stylish powerfull cutbacks...
Behind him already the next perfect wave...
Nobody in the lineup, except for us... Can you believe that?

Hale - what a nice cutback

Nobody of us expected to surf big waves like that on this trip. On some of the days only Ben, Hale and me surfed, because the others were to scared to go out. Apart from the usual problems like "Where the f... can we go in and out of the water?" and "How can we paddle through the maze of sharp rocks without gettin cut or dinging our boards?" there was one more minor problem...
The wave was next to a THE big chemical plant and they pour their sewage directly into the ocean through a big pipe... So when the wind direction was right you could smell it while surfing and when you got caught in the rip you could taste the "fresh" water... hmm...
What would you do? :-)

Left: Sewage comin out of the pipe... hm.
Right: The Phosphate factory

When not in the water we either cleaned off the chemicals in a "Hammam" (public bath/shower/sauna/etc.) or we enjoyed freshly squized mandarine juices while sunbathing on our hotel's roofterrace.

Left: Fruitstall
Right: The man next door squizing about 40 mandarines for my 2 l. Juice.

We stayed in a little family run hotel, whose owner always had a big smile on his face. He was a man living and loving his life, always happy, super friendly and helpful. A really nice person!
A funny story: The Moslems had their celebration going on for the whole week after NYE. We misunderstood them, when they said everything (restaurants, shops...) will be closed and thought it would only be for 1st January.... Actually it was for the whole week, so we were almost starving... :-) Imagine you surf heavy waves every day and just eat bread and mandarines for a week... You are gettin "hangry" (our expression for: so hungry that you are gettin angry) :-) When the owner realized that we are gettin slimmer and slimmer and more and more "hangry" he invited us for a Couscous Tajine. His wife cooked in the shower (= kitchen) for a couple of hours only to serve us six a Tajine that could feed 20 people easily! Haha! Still they were surprised that we couldn't eat it all (actually not even half of it)! ;-)

Left: The owner's wife with the big Couscous Tajine
Right: "the family" with the owner of our hotel

Left: Doorway in the old city of Safi
Right: After the ceremony we could hardly find anything eatable for a week...
and we also didn't see any more sheep riding on motorbikes! :-)

"The family" in our hotel room

After Safi we headed up north, stopping in Al Jadida to check the waves and in Casablanca to surf a very gnarly left reefbreak called 'Dar Bouazza'.

This is the drivers perspective in Marocco - I love this shot...

Casablanca - The biggest city we have seen in Marocco

We also spent one day sightseeing in Casablanca, where we saw the impressive Hasan II Mosque, the 3rd largest Mosque in the world. It's 210m minaret is the highest in the world! The artwork of this building with all it's details is amazing!

Hasan II Mosque - The 3rd largest Mosque in the world

However we soon decided to return to Safi for some more waves. It was a bit smaller this time, but still great fun!
The owner of our hotel welcomed us warmly and we all felt like "coming home". We stayed another two days surfing "Phosphates" and enjoying the flair of the city. I really liked the old city with all it's small colorfull sideways and I love this coffee and "thé à la minte" mentality; small cafés everywhere with chairs facing the streetlife.

Left: I love the colorful doors you can find all over Marocco
Right: Safi streets - colorful, old buildings - this doorway is from the 14th century.

The last week of the trip we slowly moved south again. Our first stop was Arbi's Place. We wanted to visit him and the family again and of course surf our secret spot. Again a very nice time!

Playing with the kids was as exhausting as the surf sessions... :-)

Me with the kids at Arbis's place

I really, really love her smile, she is such a cute kid

A smile says more than words

After our short visit at Arbi's we drove back to Taghazoute where we rented a nice appartement for the last three days. The drive back south in our Palio was sketchy, yet great fun. The car was stacked with 2 people in the front, 4 in the back and 10 surfboards on the roof... As it was too heavy for the roofrack it already came through the roof and due to the fully compressed suspension we could only drive 60 km/h max. This was still too much, so we ended up with a crooked rim... :-)
The scenery once again blew me away and the goats surprised all of us as they where climbing trees like monkeys...

Marocco in it's beauty

A goat feeding on the tree.

Donkey rider on the beach

The last few days we surfed Immesouane, a perfect sandbottom right point. Although it was small we all loved the wave. You could ride it for over 500m and then simply walk back on the beach and jump back in on the point. This was the first spot where we had to share the waves with the crowds. Anyway it was a perfect way to end this trip. Nothing to be afraid of. No reef, no intimidating drops at the take-off, simply a perfect wave to practice turns and enjoy the surrounding scenery of the beautiful bay.

Imesouane - A perfect pointbreak... Nuff said??

This was it!
My dream came true! I finally joined and surfed with my two best friends from Australia after 2 years again!

Hale and me - it was such a great time with you bro!!!

Of course it was also an enrichment to have Jaakko "Uki" and Anssi and in the end Hannu on this trip to complete "the family". It was a perfect mix of characters sharing perfect waves in a beautiful country.
Thank you guys for this trip, I miss you a lot...
It won't be our last trip in this formation and it won't be my last trip to Marocco! I'm sure about that!

Thanks for reading and following my journey!


The END -/the beginning of something new...

One last sunset.... I love the African sunsets!

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Marocco - the last week of 2006...

Old Berber man

Ssalamu 'lekum!
Wow! Although it has just been a week since my last post we experienced so much that it could fill a whole month!

Sidi Bouzid - A gnarly beast of a wave

We celebrated Christmas down south at the boarder of the Western Sahara in Mirleft.
I was a calm and simple, yet wonderfull Christmas! We had a great dinner; Maroccan soup, fried fish with traditional bread and vegetables, a seafood Tajine and as a dessert a TimTamTeaTime, with the TimTams that I stored over a year since I returned from Australia, just to share them with my boys!
As already mentioned in the 'PS' of my last post, Santa finally rewarded our search for waves with some good surf! Actually it was gettin better day by day!
Chasin the best swell we started to head up north again on the 26th.

On the road with Palio

On our drive we decided to take a bumpy road that seemed to be a possible shortcut, which it was by far not but it prooved anyway to be one of the best decisions of this trip so far.
We found a small bay with a few houses, which is not even mentioned on the map. I don't want to name it here, to keep it as our secret spot, but I guarantee you, if you drive this road at the right time, during the right tide and swell you can't miss the clean lines of swell startin on the horizon and rollin in to break on a right hand point reef... :-)

Our secret right point break

We surfed till the sun set and had the best session of this trip till that day. After we came out of the water a local who watched us surfing invited us to stay at his place! We ended up stayin 3 days with him, a very special time!

Good timing was needed to get in the line-up

Our neighbour with his daughter

Arbi serving tea

Left: Me and the little girl next door - what a beautiful kid!
Right: The 'family' and Arbi infront of his place

We surfed, cooked and had countless tearounds together! We all slept in a small room of his house, surrounded by beautiful nature and with the best view out of the window on our pointbreak!

The 'family' in our room at Arbi's

Our view at Arbi's place

Not much arround... a very special and peaceful place!

Attracted by the huge swell that is going to hit the coast tomorrow we eventually left Arbi's place yesterday and drove to Safi.

Safi - view from the roof of our hotel

Today we had a crazy surf on a double overhead beachbreak that was hard to read and often closed out unpredictably... I guess we will all not forget about the power of these waves for a while! :-)

I'm glad I pulled back on this one! I guess you can call that a big set!

Hale caught inside and just comin up! He is the little black dot in the whitewash!
I guess you don't wanna be in his body right there! :-)

In the evening one of the best waves of Marocco 'Le Jardin' finally started to work. It needs a solid 6ft plus swell to break and it was breakin already quite nice! The next days it should be perfect with the predicted 10ft+ swell!!!
So it is almost guaranteed that we surf into the new year!

'Le Jardin' - It just started working...
Tomorrow we surf it...

Apart from surfin we have seen some great scenery and had the chance to dive deeper into the Maroccan culture ahen stayin with Arbi! This country has such a great diversity of nature to offer! We are all really fascinated about it!!!

Left: Street in Tiznit
Right: Door in Tiznit

Desert down south...

Diversity... more vegetation up north

Cactuses down south

The people here are at the moment preparing their celebrations for NewYear, which is also celebrated in Islam! The streets a super busy at the moment till late and many sheep are enjoyin their last trips before being sacrified!

Left: View on the street from our hotel tonight - very busy!
Right: A sheep on his last journey! :-)

That's it for now from Marocco!
I hope you are all good and that you are all gettin good into the new year!

Much love and sunshine,

As usual... today's sunset!